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A divorce is the termination of a marriage by a legal process. A divorce can be contested or uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to the divorce terms and sign a separation agreement. If there are disagreements about child custody, support, or property division, the divorce will be considered contested. What is a … Read more

Unbundled Legal Services Whitby

At Lloyd & Kemper, most clients opt into a “full retainer”, which includes all-encompassing representation from our team to fully assist with your case. However, some clients prefer to engage with our team for specific services in a limited retainer relationship. Often, this is referred to as “unbundled legal services”, or a “limited scope retainer”. … Read more

Decision-Making Responsibility (Formerly referred to as “Custody”)

One of the most challenging parts of divorces and separations is transitioning to a “new” life with your children. When dealing with any issues pertaining to children, the law states that the “best interests of the child” is the primary consideration in determining where a child should live, and how much time they should spend … Read more

Child Support Whitby

When you and your ex-spouse/partner have settled any concerns over parenting time and decision-making authority, the next step is to establish the amount of child support that one parent will pay to the other. This is a crucial issue to resolve and having an experienced Ontario child support lawyer on your side can help ensure … Read more

Spousal Support Whitby

If you are separating from your spouse, the issue of Spousal Support, or “alimony” as many people commonly refer to it, is an issue that may need to be resolved. Continue reading to learn more about spousal support and how Lloyd & Kemper can help you with your legal situation. What Determines Spousal Support? The court … Read more

Division of Property Whitby

The term “property” for family law purposes can include numerous assets, not often colloquially referred to as property.  For example, bank accounts, savings, stock options, trailers, pensions, businesses, and vehicles are all considered “property”. Under the Family Law in Ontario, parties who are married are entitled to “equalize” the value of their “net family property” … Read more

Marriage Contracts Whitby

If you’re getting married, it’s essential to consider having a Marriage Contract drafted up. This is a document that spells out the rights and responsibilities of each spouse during the marriage and upon separation. What Is A Marriage Contract In Ontario? A marriage contract is a legal document that sets out the rights and responsibilities … Read more

Cohabitation Agreements Whitby

If you’re thinking about living with your partner, it’s essential to discuss what would happen if the relationship ended. Spouses who live together, but are not married, are not afforded the same protections under the Family Law Act, as married spouses. As such, it is crucial to understand how cohabitation with your spouse could potentially … Read more

Separation Agreements Whitby

Separating can be difficult and complex. Having a formal separation agreement can help to protect your interests. What Is A Separation Agreement? A separation agreement is a written contract between two individuals who are planning to separate (or have already separated) and can be used by both married and unmarried couples. There are many advantages … Read more

Family Responsibility Office Whitby

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is a government agency that assists with the collection, distribution and enforcement of spousal support and child support. They act as a intermediary between the partner who pays support and the partner who receives it, collecting and paying out through them rather than a direct transaction.  How does the Family … Read more