Unbundled Legal Services Whitby

At Lloyd & Kemper, most clients opt into a “full retainer”, which includes all-encompassing representation from our team to fully assist with your case. However, some clients prefer to engage with our team for specific services in a limited retainer relationship. Often, this is referred to as “unbundled legal services”, or a “limited scope retainer”.

Unbundled legal services allow you to receive expert, qualified legal representation in a cost-effective manner. We can provide legal guidance and help determine the right services to help you navigate your separation.

In these types of legal service working relationships, the lawyer cannot be the solicitor of record for your case. This means that documents and communication with the opposition will go directly to you, allowing you to pull in a lawyer as needed. If this is something you’re comfortable with, our team is ready to help. 

The unbundled services we provide to clients often include drafting documents, consulting issues, providing legal opinions, and researching or auditing work done by another party. 

Unbundled legal services are best used by clients with an understanding of family law or who intend to develop that understanding. It does require the client to do much of the heavy lifting and leaves you responsible for the result of your case. However, we are ready to provide consultation and help determine the right course of action to tackle your unique situation.

Reach out to book a consultation with our team, and from there, we can help you determine how best to proceed. 

To learn more about how we can help you with your family law case, call our team at 905-493-6788 for a consultation. Lloyd & Kemper Family Law is here to help. 

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