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If you have already gone through the family court process and received a court order, you may now run into the issue of enforcing this Order with the other party. We often assist clients who have a former partner who doesn’t fulfill their obligations laid out in the Order. 

When this situation happens, our team can assist with the enforcement of the Order. We can help assess the areas of the Order not being fulfilled and lay out a complete plan to effectively enforce it while minimizing cost and time commitment to you. 

If the court order involves child support payments, then the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is involved in being the intermediary between parties. Lack of fulfillment will lead to the FRO pulling money directly from an account, suspension of driver’s license, or even filing a new court case. 

If an Order involves assets or financials, they are typically enforced by filing a writ of seizure and sale, placing a lien on assets, or asking the court to remedy the unpaid terms. Everyone’s situation is different, and we can help determine the right course of action for you.  

Our team of qualified Durham family lawyers can help you enforce orders regarding child and spousal support, asset and financial claims, or property transfer. 

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