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The Collaborative Process is based on three essential elements:


1) Open and full exchange of information;

2) A written agreement by both spouses and their lawyers not to resort to the court process; and

3) A commitment to mutual respect, and focusing on each spouse’s goals and interests over taking an adversarial position toward the separation.

Lawyers Trained In Collaborative Law

Lawyers who are trained in Collaborative Practice and subscribe to the Collaborative Process have a common intention to guide their clients through the separation process with a focus on settlement. As a result, the Collaborative Process almost always results in a more positive outcome for the families who use it.

Collaborative Family Law is also unique in that it encourages a “team” approach to dealing with separation. This is important because a separation results in more than just legal implications for a family. For example, the process can involve family and financial professionals providing their expertise to achieve solutions in a more efficient and effective manner than the traditional process of legal negotiation.

Financial neutrals can work with both spouses to ensure that each spouse has the financial information needed to participate in meaningful settlement discussions. In addition, financial neutrals provide the ability to test a variety of settlement scenarios on the future financial well-being of each spouse.

Spouses may also choose to work with family professionals in order to ensure that the needs of their particular family, including their children, are met when arriving at a parenting plan. Given the emotional consequences of the separation process, family professionals also aid in resolving the impasse that in many litigation cases, would result in significant cost and delay in resolving the issues.

We strive to represent our clients in such a way that promotes their wellness not only during the legal separation process but also beyond this limited period of time. We believe that the Collaborative Process allows our clients to approach their separations not just as an “end”, but also as a new beginning

For more information on the Collaborative Process, please visit the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals website, or contact us for a consultation.

For a list of lawyers practicing Collaborative Family Law in Durham Region, please visit the Collaborative Practice Durham Region website.

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