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The Treatment of Gifts and Inheritances in Family Law

Gifts During Wedding

It might be common knowledge that during a divorce, any increase in value of property during your marriage must be split evenly. But what if you receive a large gift or inheritance from your family during your marriage? Would this also need to be shared between partners when you split up? The short answer is:…

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Benefits of Negotiating a Separation Agreement

Negotiation During Divorce

A separation agreement is a written contract between two individuals who are planning to separate (or have already separated) and can be used by both married and unmarried couples. There are many advantages to creating a separation agreement versus going through the traditional court process. Negotiations during or leading up to a separation agreement are…

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Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid


Even in the best of situations, going through a divorce or separation is never easy, and the process can be both challenging and stressful.  The following are some commonly made mistakes to avoid when : Making Big Decisions Before Consulting A Lawyer It is crucial that you consult with your divorce lawyer before making any…

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