Family Law Services

Freedom to move forward.

Providing honest and empathetic advice to advance our clients' interests.

We focus on helping you move forward with your separation with dignity and the tools you need to succeed.


Family law is highly personal. It can easily entangle and tie up families going through divorce proceedings in lengthy and painful processes.

It doesn't have to be that way.

At Lloyd & Kemper Family Lawyers, we practice family law with a focus on civil,  productive proceedings and positive outcomes for what really matters to you.

Our team of family lawyers in Whitby specializes in family law, family court, alternative dispute resolution and collaborative family law so that you can move forward with peace.

Family Law Services

We focus exclusively on matters related to Family Law, by representing clients who are entering into a relationship, or in the process of a separation or divorce.

By focusing our practice specifically on this area of law, we provide our clients with thorough representation with respect to matters including:

• Parenting and custody of children
• Child support
• Spousal support
• Division of property
• Marriage contracts
• Cohabitation agreements
• Separation agreements
• Divorce
• Family Responsibility Office matters
• Enforcement of orders

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